Custom Game Boy Cartridge – Project Update #0

I just recently bought a new gaming console. It plays at a constant 60fps, is capable of display 8000x more colors than the previous generation console, has dynamic CPU speed control and runs on normal AA batteries.

Ok, so it’s not an XBox, or PlayStation or whatever the kids are using these days, but it’s still a pretty impressive piece of hardware. I should clarify — I’ve never really been much of a video game enthusiast, my interest in that area peaked when I was about 10 years old, so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Game Boy. Recently, I’ve been interested in understanding exactly how the Game Boy works, so I started working on an emulator (it’s halfway finished… Big surprise). I also found this really incredible cartridge that lets you load any games you want onto a MicroSD card and play them. While it’s great, it is rather expensive and there isn’t much documentation on how it works, so I decided I would dive in and try to make my own. Continue reading Custom Game Boy Cartridge – Project Update #0

Because I’m Too Lazy To Make Videos

I’ve been working on a few interesting projects lately and wanted a way to share them online. Despite enjoying similar content on YouTube, I’m way to lazy to put in the required effort to film and edit videos of my projects, so instead I’m going to attempt to document them in a blog…. because it’s always 2005 somewhere.

If you’re interested in circuit boards, software, Game Boy development and hobbyist electronics, stay tuned. Or whatever the blog equivalent is.


A sample of what’s to come